Cellular Services, Mobile Communications, and Smartphones/Smart Technologies

Also known as: Cell Phones; Mobile Devices; Smartphones
Available to: Faculty & Staff

Service Summary

As of April 1, 2014, George Mason University no longer issues or provides University-owned wireless communication devices and related services for individual employees. Instead, the University offers a stipend for business use of wireless communication devices. The university will continue to provide cell phones in very unique circumstances. Two examples are:

  • Police department
  • Athletics coaches for Title IX compliance

For employees issued University-owned voice capable wireless communication devices prior to April 1, 2014:

All employees issued University-owned voice capable wireless communication devices prior to April 1, 2014 may return those devices to the University and transition to the stipend program. At that time, employees will have the opportunity transition to the stipend program, subject to approval. Employees who are using devices issued prior to April 1, 2014 and employees who have transitioned to the stipend program may not use University funds to pay for device accessories.

For more information about the policy that governs this offering, please consult University Policy Number 1133: Stipend for Business Use of Wireless Communication Devices.

How to Get this Service

Department heads are responsible for overseeing the use and need of cellular equipment in their units. Each unit determines the requester’s eligibility for a wireless communication device stipend based on budget availability and on a position-by-position basis.  

To request a stipend for business use of wireless communication, please contact your immediate supervisor or your department's Telecom Coordinator.

There is no charge for this service.


Cellular service is available 24/7.

Getting Help

Contact ITS Telecom Admin at 703-993-3546 for assistance during business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Information about managing smartphones is available from Advanced Desktop Technologies.

Additional Information

Mason faculty and staff are eligible for a discount on personal cell phone plans. Information about this benefit is available on the Telecom Admin Cell Phones web page.

Last modified date: November 4, 2016