Instructional Design Consultations

Also known as: Technology Tools for Instruction
Available to: Faculty & Staff

Service Summary

The instructional design team offers a variety of services and expertise to faculty teaching courses at George Mason University. The team supports faculty in these four categories:

    1) face-to-face courses (100% of class hours offered in a traditional classroom setting)
    2) technology-enhanced face-to-face courses (100% of class hours offered in a traditional classroom setting incorporating technology)
    3) hybrid courses (51-99% or more of class hours offered online)
    4) online courses (100% of class hours offered online)
Our primary goal is to assist faculty in designing effective e-Learning. We accomplish this goal by continuously evaluating new instructional strategies and technologies for effectiveness, and introducing best practices to enhance the curriculum. Instructional designers assist professors in the following areas:
    1) design and development
    2) training and technology tools
    3) technology support
    4) resources for the development of their courses
Instructional designers also provide and direct faculty to other instructional technology resources supported by ITS. Training and support are available for Blackboard Courses, the university's learning management system, Blackboard Collaborate, and many software applications including MS Office Suite and Adobe. Additional distance education resources are available through other ITS units including GMU-TV and Collaborative Video Technologies.

How to Get this Service

Constance Harris, Manager, Instructional Design, 703-993-5950

Rick Reo, Instructional Designer, 703-993-8536 (Prince William)

Katrina Joseph, Instructional Designer, 703-993-3897

Susan Campbell, Learning Technologies Analyst, 703-993-3424

Ying-Ying Kuo, Instructional Designer, 703-993-4183

Larisa Olesova, Instructional Designer, 703-993-4177

There is no charge for this service.


Call the Instruction Design Staff to set up a consultation.

Getting Help

The main instructional design offices are located on the Fairfax Campus in the Collaborative Learning Hub (CLUB), Johnson Center, Room 311. Instructional design consultations are also available in the training lab on the Prince William Campus in the training lab, Occoquan Building, Room 231. Suggestions, comments, testimonials, and case studies are strongly encouraged. Please e-mail the instructional design team at

Last modified date: August 1, 2014