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Available to: Faculty & Staff

Service Summary

Course Blogs is powered by WordPress, a web-publishing platform that enables site builders to set up a web presence quickly and easily. It provides a set of standard templates and plugins with which to customize your site.

Instructors seeking to add a collaborative element to their course material might create a group blog on WordPress, but manage grading and other sensitive information within Blackboard. Course Blog sites are available for faculty to use for academic courses and is intended to use for active courses, not as a host for personal or departmental sites, organizations, or as an archive for materials.


  • Course Blogs are for academic courses only, not as a host for personal or departmental sites, organizations, or as an archive for materials.
  • Course Blogs will be removed two years after creation.
  • You may choose to reuse or renew the site by contacting Courses Support. Instructions on how to back up WordPress sites for future use are also available at Courses Support.


How to Get this Service


    Who will help me set up my space?
    Course Blogs, is intended to be a self-service tool. ITS offers assistance in setting up sites, adding users, and saving your site contents but will be unable to provide advanced training or design consultations. There are many resources available for jumpstarting your site including the web-based WordPress Getting Started, WordPress Lessons, and WordPress Manual. Users may also view Mason specific documentation at Courses Support.

    A limited number of plugins and themes are available. Contact us to request consideration of additional plugins and themes.

    How to do I request a Course Blog
  • Sites can be self-generated from within a Blackboard Course: Creating a Site

  • How do I access my site?
  • Choose the Wordpress link in your Blackboard Course
  • Instructors will want to choose between keeping your site public or making it private (only viewable by registered students)

There is no charge for this service.


This service is available 24/7

Getting Help

For questions and comments regarding the WordPress Course Blogs, e-mail


Last modified date: August 4, 2016