Available to: Faculty & Staff

Service Summary

Telepresence is an immersive style of videoconferencing that emulates the experience of having all participants in the same room. The technology transmits crystal-clear, spatial audio, and high definition video between rooms designed to match and appear as an extension of each other. When not in use by a class, the five telepresence rooms across Mason's campuses— three in Fairfax, one in Prince William, and one in Arlington— are available for department meetings. See List Here

Collaborative Video Technologies (CVT) supports the telepresence technology involved in the Governor of Virginia’s state initiative, 4-VA, a consortium of four state universities working to meet needs identified by the Governor’s Higher Education Commission and Jobs Commission.


How to Get this Service

To schedule a telepresence, fill out the 25Live request form. This requires a username and password which can be obtained by completing the 25Live New User Request Form. For more information, e-mail

CVT processes requests within three (3) business days. Please keep in mind that space may only be reserved during the current academic semester.

Prior to requesting a conference, please have the following information available if at all possible regarding the site you wish to connect to:

  • The name/location of the other site
  • If the other site is off campus, the name and contact info for the technician at the other site(s)
Once your request has been processed and you are assigned a room, you will receive a space confirmation e-mail from CVT. Please do not proceed with making further plans until you have received confirmation from the CVT office that the space has been booked.

Once you receive a room confirmation:
    1) Review all information sent from CVT regarding your meeting
    2) Conference Tips & Etiquette
    • You must speak into the microphone in order for the other site(s) to hear you and to be recorded
    • Use an 18-20 point font for any presentations
    3) Should you need to cancel your meeting, please e-mail as soon as possible
If you are conferencing to a Mason site, you have completed the reservation process. If you are connecting with a location offsite or through a desktop more information will be needed.

*Do not assume that there is a computer in the meeting room. Plan to bring your own laptop. Additionally, in order to connect your laptop to display a PowerPoint or visuals you will need a VGA port.

To request a 4-VA telepresence, please fill out the form at the following web site:

There is no charge for this service.


 All reservations are based on availability of resources.

Getting Help

 For more information, call 703-993-5580 or e-mail For immediate assistance during a conference, contact the CVT hotline at 703-993-4812.

Last modified date: July 9, 2015