Computers for Staff: Replacing Obsolete and Obtaining New Computers

Also known as: Equipment Trust Fund (ETF)
Available to: Faculty & Staff

Service Summary

The Equipment Trust Fund Program administered by SCHEV provides an additional funding source that allows higher education institutions to purchase equipment. In addition to general rules applicable to all equipment, specific guidelines apply to the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of ETF equipment.

The Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) supports the following areas:

  • New Faculty/Staff (NFS) – The NFS program provides a new computer for a new position when it is first created and hired. Note that NFS is not intended for a new hire, rather a new position. ETF may fund the initial computer when a position number is first created (subject to available inventory). After that, the system is refreshed/replaced in the regular OBS cycle below. .
  • Replacement of Obsolete Computers (OBS) – The OBS program was established to provide lifecycle replacement for primary computers used by Mason employees. Obsolescence is defined as a computer that is 5 years or older, or as a computer that no longer meets the specialized needs of a user. OBS strives to replace an employee’s primary computer. Secondary computers, shared computers used for travel, or computers in labs are not eligible for replacement with OBS funds.

How to Get this Service

The last iteration of this program concludes in Fiscal Year 2019.

There is no charge for this service.


The service is available only through ETF Coordinators.

Last modified date: July 16, 2018