Computers & Software

Adobe Acrobat (Faculty & Staff)
Adobe Acrobat (Faculty & Staff)
Adobe Creative Cloud (Faculty & Staff)
Adobe Creative Cloud (Faculty & Staff)
Adobe Software Install (Faculty & Staff)
Adobe Software Renewal (Faculty & Staff)
Antivirus (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Application Hosting (Faculty & Staff)
Aquia Data Center (Faculty & Staff)
Audiovisual (Faculty & Staff)
Bomgar (Faculty & Staff)
Casper, Self Service (Faculty & Staff)
Cloud Storage (OneDrive) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
CLUB (Students, Faculty & Staff)
CLUB-Collaborative Learning Hub (Students, Faculty & Staff)
CMS (CommonSpot) (Faculty & Staff)
Colocation Service - ITS Aquia Data Center (Faculty & Staff)
CommonSpot (Faculty & Staff)
Computer Hardware Installation (Faculty & Staff)
Computer Lab Locations (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Computer Recommendations (Faculty & Staff)
Computer Relocation Services (for departments with less than 20 users) (Faculty & Staff)
Computers for Staff: Replacing Obsolete and Obtaining New Computers (Faculty & Staff)
Data Center (Faculty & Staff)
Data Jack Assessment and Activation (Faculty & Staff)
Desktop Support (Faculty & Staff)
Device Registration for Gaming Consoles, Printers, and Smart TVs (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Device Registration for Network Access (Students, Faculty & Staff)
DNS (Domain Name Server) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Domain Name Server (DNS) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Downloads (Software) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
eduroam (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Equipment Checkout (Faculty & Staff)
Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) (Faculty & Staff)
File Storage - Departmental (M: shared) (Faculty & Staff)
File Storage - Personal (M: mydata) (Faculty & Staff)
Flexwork (Faculty & Staff)
Hardware Installation (Faculty & Staff)
Help Center (Students, Faculty & Staff, )
Hosted Linux Systems (Faculty & Staff)
ITS Support Center (Students, Faculty & Staff, )
Jamf Pro (Faculty & Staff)
Linux (Faculty & Staff) (Students, Faculty & Staff) (Students, Faculty & Staff) Server (Students, Faculty & Staff)
MESA Accounts (Students, Faculty & Staff)
MESA Personal Storage (mydata) (Faculty & Staff)
MESA Share Storage - Departmental (Faculty & Staff)
Network Access (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Office 365 OneDrive (Students, Faculty & Staff)
OneDrive for Business (Students, Faculty & Staff)
OneDrive (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Recommended Computer Systems (Faculty & Staff)
Registered Device Network Access (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Remote Support (Faculty & Staff)
Residence Hall Network (Students)
Resident Technicians (ResTechs) (Students)
ResTechs (Resident Technicians) (Students)
SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) (Faculty & Staff)
SEP 14 (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Server - (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Server Hosted Software - Windows (Faculty & Staff)
Skype for Business (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Software Antivirus (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Software Center, Windows Management (Faculty & Staff)
Software Downloads (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Software Installation on Client Hardware (Faculty & Staff)
Software Listing (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Support Center (Students, Faculty & Staff, )
Symantec Endpoint Protection (Students, Faculty & Staff)
System Recommendations (Faculty & Staff)
Technology Support Center (Students, Faculty & Staff, )
Telework Technology Service Bundle (Faculty & Staff)
VCL (Faculty & Staff)
VCL (Students)
Video Production Equipment Checkout (Students)
Virtual Computing Lab (Faculty & Staff)
Virtual Computing Lab (Students)
Web Content Management Hosted Solution (Faculty & Staff)
Web Hosting (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Web Pages (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Wireless Networks (Students, Faculty & Staff)