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Accounts & Access

2FA (Faculty & Staff)
802.1x Authentication (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Active Directory (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Anti-Spam Filter (IronPort) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
AppWorx (Faculty & Staff)
Banner Workflow (Faculty & Staff)
Banner/INB (Internet Native Banner) (Faculty & Staff)
Calendar for Faculty and Staff (Office 365) (Faculty & Staff)
Casper, Self Service (Faculty & Staff)
Cisco WebEx (Faculty & Staff)
Cloud Storage (OneDrive) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Device Registration for Gaming Consoles, Printers, and Smart TVs (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Device Registration for Network Access (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Duo 2FA (Faculty & Staff)
Duo (Faculty & Staff)
eduroam (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Email Accounts (Generic) (Faculty & Staff)
Email Accounts for Campus Clubs, Departments & Organizations (Faculty & Staff)
Email Anti-Spam (IronPort) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Email Distribution Lists (LISTSERV) (Faculty & Staff)
Email for Faculty and Staff (Office 365) (Faculty & Staff)
Email for Students (MasonLive) (Students)
Enterprise Project Management Online (EPMO) (Faculty & Staff)
File Storage - Departmental (M: shared) (Faculty & Staff)
File Storage - Personal (M: mydata) (Faculty & Staff)
Flexwork (Faculty & Staff)
Guest Network Access (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Help Center (Students, Faculty & Staff, )
Hosted Linux Systems (Faculty & Staff)
IP Addresses - Server (Faculty & Staff)
IronPort (Email Anti-Spam) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
ITS Support Center (Students, Faculty & Staff, )
Jamf Pro (Faculty & Staff)
Linux (Faculty & Staff)
LISTSERV (Faculty & Staff)
Mason Federated Login, SSO (Students, Faculty & Staff)
mason.gmu.edu Server (Students, Faculty & Staff)
MasonLive (Student Email) (Students)
MESA Accounts (Students, Faculty & Staff)
MESA Personal Storage (mydata) (Faculty & Staff)
MESA Share Storage - Departmental (Faculty & Staff)
Multifactor authentication (Faculty & Staff)
Network Access for Guests (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Network Access (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Office 365 Email and Calendar Account (Faculty & Staff)
Office 365 Generic Email Accounts (Faculty & Staff)
Office 365 OneDrive (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Office 365 (Faculty & Staff)
OneDrive for Business (Students, Faculty & Staff)
OneDrive (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Patriot Web (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Project Management (EPMO) (Faculty & Staff)
Public Internet Address on Mason Public Internet and Serve Zone (Faculty & Staff)
Public Printer Network Access (Faculty & Staff)
Public Printer (Faculty & Staff)
Registered Device Network Access (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Remote Access: Virtual Private Network (VPN) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Residence Hall Network (Students)
Server - mason.gmu.edu (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Shibboleth (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Spam Quarantine and Filter (IronPort) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Support Center (Students, Faculty & Staff, )
Technology Support Center (Students, Faculty & Staff, )
Telephone Services for Faculty and Staff (Faculty & Staff)
Telework Technology Service Bundle (Faculty & Staff)
Two-Factor Authentication (Faculty & Staff)
UC4 Job Scheduler (Faculty & Staff)
Videoconferencing- WebEx (Faculty & Staff)
Virtual Private Network (VPN) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
VPN (Virtual Private Network) (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Web Hosting (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Web Pages (Students, Faculty & Staff)
WebEx (Faculty & Staff)
Wireless Networks (Students, Faculty & Staff)
Workflow (Faculty & Staff)