Account Management

Claim Code Reset

A Claim Code is required to reset or access your Mason Patriot Pass account if you cannot answer your security questions.

Generic Email Accounts

Generic Email Accounts are email accounts in which the account name is not linked to an individual's name but is instead linked to a campus organization, club, or department.

Generic Resource Calendar

Generic Resource Calendars are calendars that are created in addition to a user's default calendar, and are accessed through a user account, not a generic account.

MESA Accounts

MESA is the new computer network system of services that takes advantage of the network's components to give users resources beyond what a stand-alone computer can provide.

Patriot Web Access

Patriot Web is the system used to complete timesheets, sign up for classes, and view transcripts, among other functions.

Guest Wireless Accounts

Visit this page for instructions regarding how to create a guest wireless account.