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6/14/17: Circualtion of a New Phishing Email

June 14, 2017 8:36 AM

A new phishing email is circulating the George Mason University community. This is a copy of the latest phishing email. If you get this message, DO NOT reply, DO NOT click any links, and DO NOT provide any personal information. Delete the bogus email. We never ask for this information via email. The Email Group is working on the list of who received the email and is closing the accounts of those who responded to it.




From: noreply [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 10:18 PM
To: H...u>
Subject: U.S. Bankruptcy Court ext#3294299

U.S. Bankruptcy Court ext#3294298 

We inform you that you were suspected in violating of the Federal law under \"Title 26 USC ß 7201 - Attempt to evade or defeat tax\". 

Related hearing will be held on 06/15 at 3:30PM in courtroom 6B. Case number is 143-118374327. 

In case you or your attorney are not able to face the court on the this day, please inform us by sending a respond to current email with the specified reason reason for abscence. You have to respond not later than 10 workdays before the day of hearing . 

List of documents to provide and further information can be found in file attached below. 

Download Notification [*link removed*] 

Hannah Stewart, 
Chief Secretary Prosecutor. 


BE AWARE: Messages of this type are malicious phishing* attacks. Do not respond. If you have responded contact the ITS Support Center at 703-993-8870 or via email at 


*Phishing is a term used by hackers who imitate legitimate companies and organizations in emails to entice users to share passwords, Social Security numbers, credit card or bank account numbers. 


The Federal Trade Commission warns that victims of phishing can become victims of identity theft and offers tips on how to avoid it at  

For additional information regarding the outage, please view the After Action Report.

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